The Preparation-Tools

Preperation is half the battle

Main Assistant



RF::MAX² is the flexible assistant tool for efficient creation and management of projects for virtual commissioning and virtual shadows.

With RF::MAX² projects for 3D visualization RF::YAMS, robot simulation RF::RobSim and peripheral simulation RF::ViPer can be generated at the push of a button.

RF::MAX² can be adapted to any PLC and robot standard with the help of import and control files.

Projects can also be set up across manufacturers.

Robot Control



RF::RobCheck checks robot programs and their robot configurations.

Point accessibility and syntax are controlled at the push of a button. Even before the virtual world a very high data quality of the robot programs is achieved for real commissioning.

The integrated 3D display shows the robot in real-world scenarios.

3D Geometry Models



RF::SGEdit is the module for editing 3D geometry models of RF Suite Logo in weiss.

RF::SGEdit displays a clear hierarchical data structure of 3D geometry models. The edit function removes unneeded model parts or adds additional ones. Missing kinematizations are easily added and existing ones are easily tested.

RF::SGEdit's integrated measurement capabilities make it easy to determine the dimensions of 3D geometry models. These features make RF::SGEdit indispensable for model preparation for virtual commissioning.




RF::TIAExporter is the export tool for the data required for virtual commissioning from the TIA portal.

PLC signal lists, hardware configuration and further information are automatically exported from the PLC project using RF::TIAExporter. The "TIA Openess" interface provided by Siemens is used for this purpose.

The exported data is processed directly by the RF Suite Logo assistance tools. This makes RF::TIAExporter the ideal tool for preparing PLC data for virtual commissioning and virtual shadows.

Human Machine Interface



RF::HMI is the dynamic human-machine interface of the RF Suite Logo in weiss.

Signals can be displayed or written using RF::HMI. For this purpose, an interface is available which can be flexibly adapted and clearly structured.

The ShM and WinMod interfaces are easily configurable and are available as signal interfaces. RF::HMI is mainly used to create and delete components, display/test material flow or display/move axes.

Another large area of application is the display and operation of complete robot interfaces whereby robots can be started and run through even without PLC signals. RF::HMI is therefore perfectly tailored for use in the RF Suite Logo in weiss .

There are no limits to the possible applications of RF::HMI.